In 2023, we are at a critical moment in world history; a moment of profound spiritual, economic and social upheaval in the UK and across the world.

Since 1987 Waverley Abbey College has equipped Christians for their vocations with skills in spiritual formation, mental health and wellbeing, and leadership. We are now one of the largest providers of Christian Counselling qualifications in Europe and are fast becoming the leading provider of Chaplaincy training in the UK – all while maintaining both academic rigour and an outstanding level of student satisfaction.


Why should I study at Waverley Abbey College?

Choosing the right place to study is important, as is choosing the right programme. A successful qualification needs to be taught by well-qualified tutors with a wealth of experience and in an atmosphere that supports your learning.

Academic excellence

Waverley Abbey College is committed to academic excellence in all that we offer. As we are a small College, we have the opportunity to provide a friendly atmosphere in which to study.

In our recent review by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) we achieved the highest judgments that any college or university can be given. We are therefore confident that our programmes, courses, teaching and campuses can give you the quality of learning that every student deserves.

I don’t have any paper qualifications. Can I still apply?

If you do not hold any paper qualifications, please do not be deterred from applying to any of our short programmes or BA (Hons) Counselling programme. We will consider other types of qualifications, informal learning and life experience in place of these.

Can I still apply if I live abroad?

We are currently unable to accept students if they are from outside of the UK (and without a British passport or have residency in the UK) for courses delivered onsite.

Students from outside of the UK may apply for any of our distance education courses, but please bear in mind the time differences when considering the lecture schedule.

Am I old enough to apply?

For our Higher Education programmes, applicants will need to have relevant life experience. They will also need to be able to meet the emotional intelligence, financial requirements and time commitments of the programme. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this further.

Does Waverley Abbey College offer distance learning?

We are currently unable to offer distance learning for Counselling and Spiritual Formation, at this time. This may be a possibility in the future.

Can I continue to work alongside my study?

This is dependent on the programme you would like to study but it is likely that you will be able to continue part-time work. We recommend that you contact us to discuss your options.

Can I commute to my programme from home?

We offer both a residential and non-residential option for our onsite Week/Weekend programmes. You are welcome to choose the non-residential option and commute from home.

For our Higher Education programmes, we recommend that you choose the residential option. Previous students have found staying on campus helps them to focus on their studies, amongst other positive reasons.

Does Waverley Abbey College offer any form of financial help?

As a College, we cannot offer any form of financial help beyond our single scholarship and bursaries – please refer to the Admissions section on Finance for information to help you
finance your programme.

Will I be able to get a job after my programme?

Following the completion of training, many of our students find employment in a variety of work settings, including counselling agencies, teaching and nursing professions, church ministry and other graduate work within the voluntary sectors.