About Waverley

During the 1980s, Selwyn Hughes and Trevor J. Partridge (Executive Director of CWR) publicly declared the bold vision they sensed God had given them, to develop a Christian college of education and, one day, a Christian university. Over the last decade, we have run training courses, seminars and live events under the banner of Waverley Training and Events, delivered at Waverley Abbey House in Surrey.

As a result of the personal impact of these programmes and courses, as well as the changing world of Higher Education, we felt led by God to further develop the programmes we offer and so established Waverley Abbey College. We have based our counselling programmes on the Waverley Integrative Framework. Waverley Abbey College is based at Waverley Abbey House, Farnham, Surrey.

In today’s society, we all regularly come into contact with people who are hurting and could benefit from professional counselling. It is for this reason that counselling has always been at the very heart of our ministry and, as a result, our counselling faculty is well established and respected in its field. As we grow, we are looking forward to working closely with those working in other professions such as education, business, health, law and media, as well as those involved in pastoral leadership.