About the Waverley Abbey College Coach and Mentor Directory

This ecumenical and inter-denominational directory is a link to Christian coach and mentor details for those seeking coaching and mentoring from a Christian perspective across the UK.

People seek out a coach or mentor for a wide range of reasons, and individual practitioners will often have specific specialisms they can offer to meet these needs. Locating a coach or mentor to work with can seem perplexing. This directory enables Christian coaches and mentors to offer their skills and basic information about their work.

People accessing coaching and mentoring seek a safe space to review their journey, consider their present options, and create a workable plan for their future. Coaches and mentors may use various tools and techniques to assist people in their situations, helping them understand or see situations and life differently, understand their responses, and facilitate their endeavours to discover where God is moving in their lives.

Our standards

Coaching and mentoring are not regulated in the UK. However, many practitioners are accredited by one of the main professional bodies. Coaches listed here should provide you proof of appropriate training, supervision, and professional liability insurance and if they have signed up to the Global Code of Ethics [insert link] and maintain any accreditations they have.

Waverley Abbey College is committed to furthering the professionalism of Christian Coaches and Mentors by providing training and accreditation routes into the profession. 


Many of the coaches/mentors work both online and face-to-face. Fees will vary; some practitioners have variable rates depending on the client’s circumstances.

Disclaimer Information

Waverley Abbey College does not endorse any coaches or mentors on this directory nor hold any responsibility for coaching or mentoring relationships due to contact with it. Each person seeking help is responsible for ensuring they are satisfied with the services offered and the level of the coach/mentor.

Waverley Abbey College also expects but does not enforce professionalism, ethics, and personal integrity upon the people listed in this directory.

New Subscription

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