Diploma HE in Integrating Faith and Leadership

This programme is currently subject to validation with Middlesex University.

This programme builds on the topics that were studied on the certificate, where they were focused on helping to develop the individual student. In the Diploma the focus moves on to helping the student develop their leadership of teams and other groups. Throughout the course students will be reflecting on their own experience whilst comparing it to the experience of other students on the course.

Entry Requirements

Certificate of Higher Education in Integrating Faith and Leadership or equivalent qualification.

Programme Content

Diploma of Higher Education– students who have completed the modules in the Higher Education Certificate programme will take a further six modules.

In the diploma the focus moves from looking at the leader to how they can lead in a variety of situations such as: church, parachurch, community projects, charities or work.

  • Leading for others – this module looks at issues of social justice and how we welcome the stranger and learn to listen to their story.
  • The leader as teacher – looks at the leader as a teacher and explores the five-fold ministry (APEPT).
  • Leadership, Liturgy and Sacrament – starts to look at the use of symbolism and metaphor in leadership and introduces the student to liturgy and the sacraments.
  • Building and leading healthy teams – looks at how the leader can develop and lead healthy teams and deal constructively with conflict and failure in their leadership.
  • Developing communicating and implementing strategy – introduces key concepts in developing strategy and project management and communications skills.
  • Leading community engagement – will look at leading community engagement and how apologetics can be used in dealing with emerging questions from culture.

Dates and Fees


Two years part-time – with the need to complete the Certificate level this will take a total of four years in total

One year full-time– with the need to complete the Certificate level this will take a total of two years in total

Entry Points

January 2021, September 2022


Students will be assessed using a range of assessment techniques including: essays, reports,  presentations, case studies and journaling throughout the duration of the course.


Programme costs will be published when available. In addition, students will be required to fund the following items:

  • Books and other study materials
  • Students will have to have access to a personal computer or laptop that is sound and video enabled and that has internet access


Distance learning – students attend classes online through the college’s virtual learning environment.

Mode of Study

Part-time students normally attend classes online one evening a week throughout the term (after the initial course induction) and study one module per academic term.

Full – time this course is initially offered on a Part-time basis but it is intended to offer a full-time version where students would normally attend classes online one or two days or evenings a week throughout the term (after the initial course induction) and would study two modules each academic term.