Choose a Funding Option

Finances don’t need to be a barrier to studying with Waverley Abbey College. Whatever your financial situation, our affordable and flexible funding options mean that there is a solution that will work for you, enabling you to unlock a new career earning up to £50,000 a year.

    Up to 100% bursaries

    We champion everyone’s God-given purpose, and our bursary programme helps students access courses, whatever their financial situation. With bursaries of up to 100%, our supportive staff review applications on a case-by-case basis, in line with our eligibility criteria. For full details, contact our Student Finance Officer on studentfinance@waverleyabbeycollege.ac.uk

    Student finance

    All of our Higher Education programmes are eligible for Student Finance and this is how most of our students choose to fund their studies.

    Counselling degrees are eligible for an additional student loan even if you’ve had one already.

    The Disabled Students Allowance is available for courses and individuals who are eligible.

    If you live in England, make your loan applications with Student Finance England at gov.uk/apply-online-for-student-finance

    If you’re concerned about a student loan, here are key facts about loans in England:

    Repayments only start when you earn above £25,000 a year, and you don’t pay anything upfront.

    No admin is necessary for repayments, they are automatically deducted from your salary.

    You can pay the loan off early, without any additional fees.

    After forty years, your outstanding balance will be written off.

    As repayments are based on what you earn, not what you owe, your monthly repayments are affordable.

    *You’ll repay 9% of what you earn over £25,000. For example, if you earn £27,000, you’ll repay 9% of £2,000 (£180) that year. That’s just £15.00 a month!

    If you live in Wales, you could be eligible for a maintenance grant of £4,500 and a Wales-specific student loan.

    If you live in Northern Ireland, you could be eligible for a maintenance grant of £1,230 and a Northern Ireland-specific student loan.

    Other solutions

    You can self-fund your study in one quick, simple payment – by using savings, inheritance, or accessing credit through a loan or credit card. Paying it off in one installment attracts a discount, contact us for details.

    If you’re considering self-funding, we could even give you an affordable payment plan to spread the cost over the year.

    Students often discover that their employer or church is very supportive and happy to sponsor them. We’d encourage you to reach out and ask.


    A breakdown of annual fees for each year of each programme. You’ll find more information about fees on each individual programme page.

    Further details

    Further information

    If you require further information on any of our programmes, email student services or call on 01252 784 784.