The Florence Food Club is for students with significant and severe food issues, for which they are unable to eat the food provided in the dining room or café, and provides a small fridge, and space to prepare and eat food.

It is not for students who might prefer to self-cater, and it is not for use by any other House guests and visitors during mealtimes.  We are immensely grateful for the House in providing this facility for our students who suffer health issues that impact their dietary needs.

How can I access Florence Food Club?

Access will be granted upon application. Students must not assume qualifications for and use of the Florence Food Club. Students accepted for use will receive confirmation of permission to access the Florence Food Club by the College and House. Students granted access to the Florence Food Club will be given membership and usage details.

What qualifies for application and use of the Florence Food Club?

  • Any student with a diagnosed medical condition that directly affects their dietary needs, I.e., IBS, a chronic disease, severe food allergies etc.

  • Any student without a diagnosed medical condition, but who can evidence how dietary issues severely and significantly curtail their daily food preparation and eating in daily life.

Why are we being so stringent about usage?

We want to respect, protect, and care for students, some of whom have severe, life-threatening, and chronic dietary issues. The Florence Food Club must be a safe space for those students. Any food stored, or prepared by non-members of Florence Food Club will be disposed of.

How do I apply and what will it cost to access the Florence Food Club

Please contact ffc@waverleyabbeycollege.ac.uk to apply.

There are costs to the House in providing this space. A small amenity charge is required of £25.00 per term.  Students may be eligible for a food bursary to cover this cost.

I still have some questions

Please address any questions about the Florence Food Club to ffc@waverleyabbeycollege.ac.uk