Waverley Abbey College – September 2020-21


From September 2020, we will be adopting a blended learning approach to learning, with teaching held mainly on-site at Waverley Abbey House. Sessions will also be delivered, where appropriate and when needed, via live streaming – for example when students need to work remotely due to self-isolation. There may also be times, due to the restriction of numbers allowed in the College, that certain lecturers will be delivered online.

In order to meet this blended learning approach, we continue to work on the structure of our teaching, to ensure that those needing to study remotely are still able to interact appropriately with those studying in the house. Throughout the academic year, the delivery and method of teaching will be regularly reviewed and adapted if needed in line with student needs and changing government guidelines.

A great deal of work is currently underway to ensure that we have carefully prepared for the safest possible, socially distanced return to face to face teaching and learning. We continue to plan for different teaching scenarios and this is a process that we will review on a regular basis.

Support will be given from the beginning of the study through to completion, and our focus is to ensure that we protect the safety and wellbeing of all staff and students; this will always be our priority.

As we now have a limited number of bed spaces available in the house due to a requirement for single occupancy for the foreseeable future, we therefore encourage all students who live locally to travel in each day for lectures.

We feel blessed with the facilities at Waverley Abbey College, which include a dedicated large dining room, lounge and coffee bar. Although the delivery of food and refreshments continues to be reviewed, to ensure this is done within the safety guidelines, we are confident that our space will allow us to maintain a varied catering experience for students.

We continue to work alongside our partners and governing bodies during this time, and we will provide updates with any new or relevant information.