Prospectus 2021/22

Please do take a moment to read our prospectus for 2021/22 and discover why Waverley Abbey College could be the right place for you to study.

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Covid-19 update

Please note that the prospectus outlines the mode of study, which is subject to change in accordance with Covid-19 government guidelines.

From September 2020, we will be adopting a ‘dual delivery’ approach to learning, with teaching held mainly on-site at Waverley Abbey House. Sessions will also be delivered, where appropriate and when needed, via live streaming – for example, when students need to work remotely due to self-isolation. There may also be times, due to the restriction of numbers allowed in the College, when certain lectures may be delivered online.  

Throughout the academic year, the delivery and method of teaching will be regularly reviewed and adapted if needed in line with student needs and changing government guidelines.