MA in Public Leadership

Launching January 2022

This programme is currently subject to validation with Middlesex University.

Entry Requirements

Students will normally have an existing Higher Education award and three years of work experience or significant experience over an extended period at senior level.

Programme Content

Students taking this course will take seven modules:

  • Introduction to Public Leadership

This module will look at the theological underpinning of public leadership. It will highlight the main themes that will become anchors throughout the whole course: notion of common good, ethics, prophetic imagination, kingdom of God, wellbeing.

  • Faith, Hope and Love in Public Discourse

This module will examine the relationship between theology and its social and current cultural context and define what constitutes a good public discourse. It will discuss church-state relations, the practice of Christian involvement in politics, civil society and provision of social welfare.

  • Leading in Context

This module will explore the most up to date trends in leadership theories and apply them to the respective fields of public leadership. It will explore some of the key skills of the leader in building teams, leading organisations, responding and manging change, dealing constructively with conflict.

  • Culture and Context

In this module students will study complex moral issues faced by contemporary society with emphasis on relevant theories and their application to ethical dilemmas such as: violence, tax avoidance, migration, terrorism, technology, social media, climate change.

  • Organisations in Context

This module will highlight important yet often overlooked aspects of leadership such as dealing with failure, multigenerational conflict, succession planning, developing biblical models for an organization, exploring ‘personality’ and culture of organizations and studying the nature and cycle of organizations as well as movements.

  • Public Life, Private Faith

This module will help balance the demands of the spiritual life alongside the demands of the workplace. It will help students create a framework for the development of a personal apologetic as well as examine some models of relating faith to public life.

Integrative Project

The student will select an issue from their workplace setting and examine how the different elements of the course can be combined to help address that issue.


Three years part-time.

Entry Points

January 2022


Students will be required to write essays, reports, give presentations and keep a personal journal throughout the duration of the course.


Programme costs will be published when available. In addition, students will be required to fund the following items:

  • Books and other study materials


Distance learning.

Mode of Study


Next steps

Dates and fees for this programme will be available shortly.  In the meantime, if you would like to register your interest, please email

Programme Leader – Dr Joanna Williamson

DMin Global Leadership; MA Theology, Politics and Faith Based Organisations; MA Applied Theology; BA Christian Education; BA Biblical Studies; Certificate: Spiritual Formation; PhD Intercultural Leadership and Education (pending)

Joanna is co-founded One Rock International which provides training, mentoring and spiritual formation to marketplace leaders, seminaries and entrepreneurs. This ministry has taken her to over 30 countries in the past 15 years, including most recently, Brazil, Colombia, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, India and Rwanda. She also founded SheLives and helps to lead a young adult congregation at Westminster Central Hall.

Joanna is a Global Catalyst for Lausanne Movement in the area of Leadership. She teaches at Westminster Theological Centre in UK and William Carey International University in Los Angeles, California.

Joanna has been influenced by the life and writings of Dallas Willard, a philosopher and church reformer, and serves on the board of Renovaré Britain and Ireland as well as Sanctus Institute in Germany.

Joanna’s publications include Going Forward on Your Knees: Lessons from the Life of Hudson Taylor and Amy Carmichael: A Life Well Placed. She is currently researching Spiritual Formation and Leadership for a future publication.

In this destabilized world that is still dealing with the effects of the global pandemic, MA in Public Leadership offers an innovative, robust, and integrated approach that is routed in the theological reflection and biblical hermeneutics.  It is suitable for those who work in any sphere of public service such as health, education, uniformed services, central or local government, politics or the charity sector, and who are interested in developing their leadership potential and understanding how their faith can be used as a force for positive change.

With leaders across all spheres and sectors facing adaptive challenges the MA in Public Leadership will offer a wide range of resources that will equip students for a long-haul engagement in their respective fields. Throughout the course students will develop and apply collaborative skills, explore creative problem solving to common concerns and issues today’s society, engage with ample case studies, as well as benefit from a wide variety of seminars with guest speakers representing different sectors of public leadership. Alongside a well-grounded academic credentials it will also give students a professional edge, elevating their leadership capabilities and propelling them with courage and competence into the future.