MA in Public Leadership
(Subject to Validation)

This programme is suitable for those who work in any sphere of public service such as health, education, uniformed services, central or local government, politics or the charity sector, and who are interested in developing their leadership potential and understanding how their faith can be used as a force for positive change.

Throughout the course students will reflect on their own experience whilst comparing it to the experience of their peers.

Entry requirements
Students will normally have an existing Higher Education award and three years of work experience or significant experience over an extended period at senior level.

Programme Content

Students taking this course will take seven modules: • Introduction to Public Leadership

This module will examine the role of faith in the public sphere. Who we are as leaders is just as important, if not more so, than our technical skills.

• Faith, Hope and Love in Public Discourse
This module will look at the theological underpinning of public leadership. It will explore how to enter into respectful discourse so that we both hear others and, in turn, can be heard by them.

• Leading in Context
We will consider some of the key skills of the leader in building team, leading change and dealing constructively with conflict.

• Culture and Context
We explores the key drivers in current culture and how they impact our leadership.

• Organisations in Context
This module examines how organisations learn and how we can learn to deal with failure.

• Public Life, Private Faith
This module will help balance the demands of the spiritual life alongside the demands of the workplace. It will help students create a framework for the development of a personal apologetic.

• Integrative Project
The student will select an issue from their workplace setting and examine how the different elements of the course can be combined to help address that issue.

Three years part-time.

Entry Points

January 2022


Students will be required to write essays, give presentations and keep a personal journal throughout the duration of the course.

Dates and fees of programme

Programme costs will be published when available. In addition, students will be required to fund the following items:
• Books and other study materials


Distance learning.

Mode of Study


Next steps

Dates and fees for this programme will be available shortly.  In the meantime, if you would like to register your interest, please email